Current Research in Big Data Analytics Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Immanuel Leonard Haffner Seminar, 7 ECTS

Registration for this course is open until Friday, 27.04.2018 00:00.


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Current Research in Big Data Analytics


Kickoff meeting: Friday, April 20th, 10:15 a.m. at E1.1, room 306



Registration starts after the kick-off meeting. This seminar is limited to 12 students. If you are interested in the seminar, please drop by the kick-off meeting. We will explain the requirements and tasks you have to fulfill in order to pass this course. Further, we will present the list of available papers. Afterward, you can register if you wish to participate in the seminar.

Administrative Issues

  • Students are expected to have very good knowledge about the basics of information systems and our core lecture database systems. If you did not pass our core lecture with a very good grade, this course will not make sense to you.
  • The course will be held as a block-seminar. All the talks will be given in one or two sessions at the end of the semester.
  • The number of participants is limited to 12 people.
  • This course counts 7 ECTS.
  • Requirements for passing this course:
    • Attendance at all presentations
    • successful summaries
    • peer-reviewing of other papers
    • successful presentation

Email Communication

All communications over email must use [crsem18] as a prefix in the subject.

Peer Review Process

We will put you in peer groups of three students. During the seminar, you have to read the paper of your two peers and write a short summary (1-2 pages). The summary should also give feedback which sections are hard to understand, incomplete, or of particular importance. This will help your peer to prepare the presentation.

Reviews are not graded directly but contribute to your final grade. Make sure to put in good effort, as it not only improves your grade but also helps other students. And eventually, you will benefit from good reviews by your peers, too.

Paper Assignment

Papers are assigned through a bidding process. You submit a list of three papers, ordered descendingly by your interest in the paper. We will then assign papers to students automatically, where the algorithm tries to assign you your favorite.

Paper Summaries

You will write a summary of your paper of at most 4 pages. Additionally, you will write a short summary of each peer paper. Later, you will review the 4 page summary of your peers.

Schedule and Deadlines

April 30: Send a top 3 list of the papers you would like to present by an email to Ankur Sharma ( (e.g. "3, 2, 5").

May 3: Receive the assignment to your paper as well as to your two peers.

May 18 - May 30: Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your paper. You must have read your paper and finished the summary by then. You will give a short oral summary of the paper and discuss open questions with your advisor.

May 30: Upload the summary of your paper as well as the two short summaries of your peer papers on CMS.

June 11: Write feedback on your peer's 4-page summary and upload it to CMS.

June ??: Prof. Jens Dittrich will give hints on how to perform a successful presentation.

July 9: Upload the first complete version of your presentation slides on CMS. Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss the slides.

July 16: Upload the final version of your slides on CMS with all relevant changes suggested by your advisor and peer students.

August ??: Final presentations.

If you encounter technical problems, please contact the administrators